Stuart Stevens

Stuart Stevens (1972, English) - Stuart Stevens is a founding partner in The Stevens & Schriefer Group, one of America’s leading political consulting and strategy firms. Beginning his political career in his native Mississippi, Stuart has gone on to become one of the nation's most successful political strategists and media consultants, helping to elect governors and US Senators across the country as well as President Bush's 2000 and 2004 Presidential campaigns. Abroad he has worked to elect numerous heads of state in a diverse collection of countries, including Israel, Albania, The Congo and the Philippines.

Educated at Colorado College, Middlebury College, Pembroke College and UCLA Film School, Stuart is also a former Fellow of the American Film Institute. Currently working on his sixth book, he has published five books with the Atlantic Monthly Press, including the political novel Scorched Earth, as well as articles and essays in Esquire, Outside, The New Republic, Washington Monthly, The New York Times and others.

Stuart has also written extensively for network television including the Emmy Award winning CBS series, Northern Exposure, the critically acclaimed and Emmy Award winning NBC/PBS series, I'll Fly Away, the NBC series Mr. Sterling, about a US Senator, and serving as Co-Producer on HBO’s original series K. Street, working with George Clooney and Steven Sonderberg, as well as Consulting Producer on ABC’s Emmy Award winning series, Commander in Chief about the first female President of the United States. Stuart has appeared as a commentator and guest on ABC, CBS, NBC and others, including CNN, Fox News, The News Hour, The Charlie Rose Show and Politically Incorrect.

Although not very good at them, Stuart enjoys participating in endurance sports and adventures. He was part of a five person expedition that skied to the North Pole and is currently training for the 1,200 km. cycling event Paris-Brest-Paris. He competes in long distance cross country ski races in Europe and the US, carefully calculating how much slower he gets every year.

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